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About UK Millionaire Maker

The EuroMillions UK Millionaire Maker guarantees that at least one player in the UK will win £1 million in every EuroMillions draw. As the two games are played separately, it is possible to win a prize in both the main EuroMillions game and Millionaire Maker, so players are advised to check their tickets carefully.

How it Works

The odds of winning the UK Millionaire Maker game vary depending on the number of players in each game. For example, a Tuesday EuroMillions draw tends to attract fewer players, meaning your odds of winning in midweek are better than on a Friday.

Millionaire Maker codes can start with the letter H, J, M, T, V, X or Z , and the chances of winning are exactly the same for each code. Visit the How it Works page for a more detailed explanation about how the Millionaire Maker codes are selected and how the odds vary from draw to draw.

European Millionaire Maker works in a similar way, but is open to everyone who plays a line in any of the nine participating EuroMillions nations, and the first letter of the code will be different in each country.

How to Claim

If you have won a UK Millionaire Maker prize, then you need to claim within 180 days of the draw date, as per the UK EuroMillions Rules. If you do not claim in time, your prize, and the interest that has accumulated, will be allocated to the lottery’s Good Causes fund.

View the How to Claim page for more information.

History of the UK Millionaire Maker

12th January 2019 – To increase the amount of Millionaire Maker special event draws that are held, the number of codes in every standard draw decreased from two to one. The first special event draw is scheduled for spring 2019, when 40 UK millionaires will be created in one night.

24th September 2016 – The number of Millionaire Maker prizes on offer in a standard draw doubled to two. Mega Friday became Mega Week, providing even more exciting prizes and luxury experiences.

31st October 2014 – Millionaire Raffle became Millionaire Maker and the first Mega Friday draw was held, rewarding 25 players with £1 million and a VIP trip to Makepeace Island in Australia.

March 2014 – The National Lottery applied for permission to rename Millionaire Raffle as Millionaire Maker and provide non-cash prizes alongside the £1 million award in select draws.

26th July 2013 – The 100 UK Millionaires Raffle returned to give another 100 ticket holders the chance to become millionaires. This highly anticipated draw resulted in a huge increase in ticket sales but, in the event, left the previous record unchallenged when only 92 of the 100 £1 million prizes were claimed.

31st May 2013 – The £1 Million Every Month for a Year draw was held. Instead of the prize being worth £1 million, this draw offered one lucky player a prize of £12 million, paid in twelve £1 million monthly instalments.

27th July 2012 – The promotional 100 Millionaires draw on the night of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London resulted in 97 of the 100 Millionaire Maker winners claiming their prize, breaking the world record for the most millionaires made in one night.

25th November 2011 – Millionaires Month began, awarding 50 £1 million prizes in the four weeks leading up to Christmas.

13th November 2009 – Millionaire Raffle was launched.

Christmas and New Year’s Special Draws

There are often special versions of the UK Millionaire Maker game held around the festive season which give away multiple raffle prizes. In the past, these games have been held on Christmas Day/Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day.

To read more about special festive draws, visit the Christmas and New Year’s EuroMillions pages for more information and to find out about upcoming events this year.

100 Millionaires

Occasionally, the UK Millionaire Maker will hold special editions of the game which will see 100 players win £1 million. Currently, the 100 UK Millionaire Raffle draw which took place on Friday 27th July 2012 holds the world record for making the highest number of lottery millionaires in one night after 97 of the 100 prizes were claimed.

Players receive one free entry into the UK Millionaire Maker for each line of EuroMillions numbers purchased and this remains the case regardless of how many Millionaire Maker prizes are on offer.

Taxes in Other EuroMillions Countries

If you win a EuroMillions prize in Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland or Luxembourg, you will not be taxed on your winnings, just like in the UK. However, winners will be taxed in Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

In Portugal, any prize worth more €5,000 is taxed at a rate of 20 percent, while there is a levy of 35 percent in Switzerland on any winnings over CHF1 million. Spanish prizes of more than €40,000 are subject to tax at 20 percent.

You can only claim a EuroMillions prize in the country where you bought your ticket, so you will have to accept the local rules on tax even if you are not a resident of the country.

Mega Millions. Результаты. Как играть

22 октября 2013 года прошел первый тираж игры в современном формате с рекордными, к слову, джекпотами.

Как играть в Мега Миллионы?

Игрок должен выбрать 5 чисел из 75 для обычных белых шаров, далее необходимо сделать ставку на так называемый золотой шар (одно из пятнадцати чисел) . Кроме того, существует опция с Мегапликатором, который увеличивает все выигрыши, кроме джекпота, в пять раз. Например, выиграв 10 тысяч долларов и имея мегапликатор, вы получите все 50 000. Неплохо, не правда ли?

Как выиграть джекпот в Мегамиллионы?

Как и в других лотереях, здесь также существует несколько призовых категорий. Давайте рассмотрим, сколько вы можете выиграть и при каком количестве отгаданных чисел. Примеры ниже:

  • 5+0 — 1 млн. долларов
  • 4+1 — 5 тыс. долларов
  • 4+0 — 500 долларов
  • 3+1 — 50 долларов
  • 3+0 — 7 долларов
  • 2+1 — 5 долларов
  • 1+1 — 2 долларов
  • 0+1 — 1 доллар

***Примечание: первая цифра — это количество угаданных цифр на белых шарах (от до 5), вторая (которая идет после знака «+» — это количество угаданных цифр на золотом шаре (от до 1).

Megamillions — лотерея с рекордными джекпотами

50% от всех продаж идут именно на приз, в отличии от других лотерей, где гораздо меньшая доля собранных денег выделяется для победителей. Выиграть в лотерею не так и сложно, как кажется. Сейчас вы просто читаете эту информацию, но стоит только решиться, купить билет, сделать ставку и… Кто знает, может быть, все ваши мечты воплотятся уже после следующего розыгрыша? Минимальный джекпот составляет 15 миллионов долларов США и увеличивается на 5 млн. после каждой игры, если не был сорван. Последние счастливчики, забравшие всю сумму, были в 2013 году, а лотерея проводится дважды в неделю. Как думаете, какая сейчас сумма джекпота?

Один победитель с одним билетом на руках

Увеличить шансы, купив несколько билетов сразу, можно, и даже рекомендуется. Однако, не стоит заполнять их одинаково. Так как если сразу все ваши билеты получат джекпот, забрать вы сможете, увы, только один максимальный приз. Заполняйте лотерейные билеты по-разному, рискуйте! Если все ваши билеты выиграют какие-то ставки, забрать вы сможете только одну!

Лотерея Мега Миллион. Победители

Джекпот еще ни разу не был сорван в формате 575 и 115, зато однажды в теплом марте 2012 года сразу трое счастливчиков разделили огромный джекпот и получили по 174 миллиона долларов наличными. Выигрыши отправились в Мэриленд, Канзас и Иллинойс. Как думаете, вам по силам сорвать такой джекпот? Просто купите билет и попытайте удачи!

What to Do About Tax Issues

When you win a large lottery prize in the UK, you will have the chance to speak to experienced advisors who have guided other lucky players through what to do with their newfound wealth. They will be able to point you in the direction of financial experts and will recommend the most appropriate banks for you to open an account with based on your own circumstances.

With regards to the issue of IHT, it is a good idea to think carefully about the timing of any gifts you plan to make, and then keep a record of any payments. Your financial advisor will also speak to you about the tax on your interest and discuss possible investments to give you the maximum benefit. It may be a complicated topic, but any advice you receive will be tailored to your own personal situation and one very positive aspect is that your prize will not be subject to the same sort of tax laws as it would be in other countries.

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